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Every time I see a non-image post about Starcrossed, I have to figure out if the author is discussing/referencing the new CW TV show…or THIS little gem - a beautifully angsty short film about two brothers that happen to fall in love.

(NO, this is NOT a SPN video, LOL!)

Watch this movie if you have a few minutes, are a glutton for heartwarming/breaking tales of forbidden love, don’t mind a sad ending with no HEAs, and don’t get squicked by the incest theme (alluded to - little contact other than kissing and hugging/sprawling on each other in NO-privates visible nudity).

Trigger Warnings for Character Death(s) and Incest.

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I wonder if Hoechlin watched Spartacus too


WHY would you put that thought in my head??? Tyler reacting to Spartacus??????

The costumes were the best part of the show! Rain or snow, their asses were always hanging out!

It’s winter in Capua:

*Agron is in his usual ankle-length, sleeveless duster vest and diaper combo.

*Spartacus…full set of armor on the top, party (aka diaper) on the bottom.

*Crixus…only one sleeve of armor, a few black, leather necklaces and a diaper.

*Gannicus…leather chaps with his ass hanging out and nothing on top except for two leather straps crisscrossing his chest. And highlights. Lots and lots of chunky highlights.

*Varro…in the school, in his cell, even in the arena, I will swear on my life this guy never wore anything but a white diaper at all times.

And yes, Hoechlin would be shipping the hell out of Crixus and Naevia and Nagron. He would cry fat big boy tears when Agron shows up alive and Nasir can’t believe he’s not dreaming.

And I would pay to see him doing the Spartacus boot camp. Unf.

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Amen to that, nothing but praise to the costume people on that show!

What about an au where Derek is Agron and Stiles is Nasir and they’re all lovey dovey, but they lose all their friends.

And now I am dead. Thanks for that. Because…Erica is Saxa. And Allison is Mira. And Lydia is Naevia. And fucking Ashur is Peter! Spartacus is Scott, of course. And Gannicus is Isaac. Oenemeus is Boyd. Crixus is Jackson because he’s a douche. Oh God. Kill me.
Are we sure this hasn’t been a thing yet, because it’s so god damn perfect I find it hard to believe nobody has done this yet??
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I wrote a Spartacus inspired fic, but they’re Roman’s. 

I’m reading the shit out of that later tonight after everybody is in bed. I need a werewolf=slaves inspired Spartacus fic where Chris Argent is Batiatus and Victoria is Lucretia. Kate Argent is Illythia and Gerard is her senator dad? IDK. I just need it immediately.
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Anonymous asked: Do you know of any other pregnant!Derek fanfictions?


Oh, I do have some recs… I don’t remember the name of some, but these ones were basically my faves besides the one I’ve found today!



Domestic Bliss…Or something like it by Annabeth - I really love this one :) 

And the planets can’t separate us by ISlashIShipIFlail -  wow best ever. This one is the sweetest, however still a wip (I guess?)  

You have to feel alive by YouShineBrighter - Another favorite from my general reclist and it’s absolutely perfection. A must read nonetheless!

A Legend of a Lonely Boy by Bunnymaccool  - Oh wow, what is there to say about this fanfic? Perfection in form of words. I loved every single minute I’ve spent reading this one!

Summer School Homework by Dandicbutterfly -  AU - This one was pretty cute!

Eviction Notice by  fanpire109 - omg all of the gentle!feels 

Definitely Not what I was expecting by  Annabeth Lemorte - Gotta love grumpy!pregnant Derek!

The Adventures of a Pregnant Werewolf ‘Series by 
Macyown5  - All of the fluff! There’s nothing I do not love about this series. A must read!

Is it really a sin if we both come out even  by BridgetMcKennitt - let me tell you a thing about this perfection. I loved it from the beggining to the end. Definitely part of my general reclist as well! 

Bundle of Scientific Inaccuracy  by CupcakeTerminal - Amazingly well written if I must say. Totally recommend this one as well!

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Derek going to a BDSM club’s initiation meeting and being so nervous he doesn’t even dare leave the counter of the bar, but then suddenly he hears “Fancy seeing you here, Miguel” and when he turns around Danny is grinning at him and he’s wearing a tight…

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Derek Hale as a professional bottom for a gay porn website back in NY. Being well-known, within certain circles, for how he can take just about anything up his ass. Derek continuing to wear a plug under his clothes daily, even in Beacon Hills, because he’s so used to it he can’t stand not wearing one.

Stiles curiously googling “anal training” and finding videos of Derek (using another name of course) and not knowing what to do with this information.

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